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Brandon is the Owner of Purdeu Home Rehab, LLC, the Fund’s key Borrower (as well as a Key Principal in the Fund). He will providing many of the deals for the fund. He is also an owner in the Flip Fund and will be managing the relationships with other operating partners.

Brandon first entered real estate in 2011 buying several successful rental properties. Upon arriving to the greater Fayetteville area he jumped in with both feet, buying his first flip in 2016 in Aberdeen, NC. Quickly he has grown from 1-2 flips as a sole operator to, 3 flips the following year and now is on his 5th deal of 2018.

Brandon is an avid real estate investor and a licensed real estate agent. He has received accolades both as an investor and as a top performing agent at residential real estate firm, Everything Pines Partners LLC. is originally from Wausau, WI and currently resides in Fayetteville, NC with
his wife Suki, and daughter Navi. 

Operations Manager


Tom manages Big Wheel’s investor relationships and outreach as well as oversees our broker network.

Tom has been involved in real estate investment for over 15 years and has extensive experience in remodeling and rental management of properties in Seattle, Washington and Manhattan, New York.  As a real estate investor, he has facilitated property acquisition, investor outreach, and several remodels as an active investor with Purdeu Home Rehab LLC. As a Key Principal in

Big Wheel Flip Fund, LLC, Tom continues to leverage his organization leadership experience with the goal of achieving dramatic results for investors. Tom previously served in the Army as the Chief
of Operations for the storied 1st Brigade Combat Team, of the 82nd Airborne Division (an organization with over 7,000 personnel). 


Tom holds an M.A. from the University of Washington’s Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. Tom is originally from Maple Valley, WA and currently resides in Seattle, Washington with his wife Yasmin, and two sons Everett and Luke.

Investor Relations Officer


Ryan is responsible for investment operations at Big Wheel Capital, LLC including funding
decisions and business strategy. 


In his role as Portfolio Manager for Big Wheel Flip Fund, LLC, Ryan focuses on analyzing the financial performance of potential and currently held properties. He brings prior experience as a real estate investor and analytical experience from his background in management consulting. He developed a passion for real estate investing after purchasing his own San Francisco condo, and since then has done deals as an individual investor and as a lead syndicator in other real estate investment opportunities.

Currently, Ryan is a Senior Software Engineer at Instacart, one of the fastest growing technology companies in Silicon Valley, where he focuses on successfully implementing an on-demand workforce of tens of thousands of contractors who are shopping for groceries for home delivery customers who are using the Instacart platform. He holds a degree in Mathematical Economics from Pomona College.

Portfolio Manager


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